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Training Of How To Position The Price Of Leather Goods In Leather Goods Company
Sep 17, 2018

On Sep14, 2018, in order to increase the importance of profits,  the training of How to increase the profits in trading was organized by the Made-in-china in Liuhua Hotel, Guangzhou. 

Many people prefer the leather goods, because the appearance of leather appliances is atmospheric, then everyone should care about how the leather goods company's price of leather products is positioned? Next, I will give you a basic introduction.


First, according to the difference of its leather

We all know that the leather is divided into leather and artificial leather. The high-grade leather is leather and the price is very expensive. For example, crocodile skin, like this crocodile skin, should be slightly maintained during the production process. The artificial leather is more common and the price is also affordable. Compared with the luxury leather products, its price is still very beautiful.

Second, according to different brands

Different leather goods companies, the price of leather goods of different brands have a certain gap, especially the brands of leather goods are usually more, because leather products are considered luxury brands, so the price is really not cheap.

Third, the size of the object

The leather materials required for different sizes of objects are different. If it is a large piece, like a sofa, in general, its cost is definitely more expensive than the price of a leather shoe.

Fourth, according to the fine or rough design

Fine design, processing and production will be more cumbersome, time-consuming and labor-intensive, the price is relatively expensive, and the production of rough is cheaper.

The price of a leather goods company is usually related to many factors. In fact, it is far more than the above four influencing factors, as well as the regional, brand management philosophy, quality, market and so on.