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The 8 Best Bag Trends Of Spring 2019
Nov 23, 2018

That’s all, folks. Paris Fashion Week wraps today and there’s a ton to digest from the last four weeks of runway shows and presentations that gave us a clear, and perhaps overwhelming, look at what to expect from fashion in the next six months. Frankly, it can be a challenge to break it all down in one shot, so we’re starting with a few of the It items we know we’ll see more of soon: spring handbag trends for 2019.

The eight trends below represent some of the most daring accessories of the season. These aren't simply everyday styles but offer ways to make a statement with unique details like feathers or shoelaces and unexpected silhouettes worn both strapped to the body and hugged closely at your side.

Ahead take a look at the 2019 spring handbag trends that we'll be thinking about all winter long—or at least until they arrive in stores.

Handbags as Necklaces

Let's start small, micro in fact. For spring 2019, designers focused in on just the necessities when it comes to handbags. There is no excess, no overpacking. It's just you, the bare minimum number of essentials, and a way to wear your bag that keeps you hands-free at all times.


Ball and Chain

Forget standard clutches, next year things get a bit more geometric with spherical handbags that are sort of like carrying a piece of art. Warning: This might not be the type of handbag that easily packs into a carry-on suitcase. However, these creations are so pretty and special, you might not care.


The Elevated Laundry Bag

This hold-all handbag is less about the structure and more about holding as much as it possibly can. It's one of the most practical bag trends, but in floral prints and shiny textures, it's also one of the prettiest.


Pile On The Plumes

Feathery fashion is nothing new, but the trend does stay strong in 2019 with plumes featured on summery totes and elegant evening bags alike.


Going Laces

One of the most unexpected handbag trends is shoelaces, as colorful cords and ropes were seen on handbags from New York to Paris. What's the fascination? Considering fashion's love of all things athleisure, it's possible a bit of sneaker culture inspired this accent.


Complete Transparency

Oversharing is in, or rather, it's been in, and transparent handbags will continue to be a popular choice through next year. Some may see this as a reason to censor their choices, but others might find it to be liberating opportunity to let it all hang out.


The Hold-at-the-Hip Tote

Micro-handbag trends are great, but if you're a more-is-more kind of person, you need a handbag that doesn't mess around. Here it is. Not only is the supersize shoulder bag trend on the upswing, but this 2019 style isn't shy about taking up space and occupying a bit of hip support in order to carry it around.