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Leather Goods Companies Must Pay Attention To Old Customers
Oct 22, 2018

Every leather goods company wants to have more customers because it is their main source of customers. Therefore, they spend a lot of time and energy on the expansion of new customers every year. However, while the new customers are expanding, the leather goods companies will always neglect their existing old customers. It is also very important for the leather goods companies to serve the old customers.


Old customers are very valuable customer resources for every leather company. Generally speaking, old customers are very familiar with each other in the long-term process. Therefore, old customers can bring very stable orders to the company, and old customers are also very good propagators of the company's reputation. The company itself No matter how publicized, it can't compare with the old customers' own propaganda. Old customers can bring more good reputation to the company and thus be more conducive to the company's development.

   When the leather goods company serves the old customers, it does not need to spend a lot of very fancy methods, as long as it is best to do their most basic work, and to ensure the quality of the products they produce, to ensure that their delivery period is not delayed, and It is okay to reach a good communication mechanism with old customers. As long as the old customers are satisfied with themselves, it is not a problem to attract more new customers.