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How To Make A Handbag By Hand
Jul 12, 2018

A handbag is an essential bag for a lady. It can be used for carrying some documents on a daily work or business trip. I'll share it with you today, with the old ones at home

The clothes make a handbag, can pack some needle and thread tool, also can pack art tool for the child, very practical and beautiful, hope you will like

First cut the front and back from the old shirt

Stitch the two sides and the bottom stitches together from the opposite side. Leave a hole in the top and then turn over to the face

After turning to the front, sew the middle button down with a needle and thread

Take the extra part of the top, fold it in, and stitch it up

When the bag is sewn together, a red ribbon is sewed on the front and back

Sew a red rose decoration on the bag

Finally, cover it with lace and decorate it. So you don't see the stitched lines by hand, although it takes time to do it by hand

But the finished product is worth it.