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How To Maintain Your Handbag
Jul 12, 2018

First, keep your handbag dry. The material of the handbag is leather and cloth, all of which should not be touched with water. If you get water, it will make your handbag

The quality goes down.

If dusty, wipe with a clean, dry, soft cloth. Be careful not to overexert yourself and do not damage the skin of the bag.

If the bag is greasy and cannot be rubbed with a dry cloth, order something to remove the grease, such as washing clothes, cleaning cream, etc., and use them first

Then wipe it with a cloth and wipe it off with a greasy bag.

Regular maintenance, such as once a week check bag clean and tidy, once a week dust.

The process that USES a bag also should notice to maintain, do not install overweight article, lest pack belt breaks too early.

If some bags are too dirty to be handled by themselves, they can be taken to a special cleaning agency.

Keep the bag at room temperature, not in the sun.

Matters needing attention

Don't push too hard when cleaning your bag.

Don't use the cleaner carelessly. Use a special one.