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How To Easily Identify Genuine Leather And Artificial Leather
Aug 20, 2018

Hand touch: In winter, the artificial leather is hard and brittle and cold, but the surface of the 

leather is smooth and delicate, the hand feels thick and strong and has no cold feeling, and some 

even have a soft feeling (such as: sheepskin).

Eye view: Under the illumination of the light, the surface of the leather is bright and soft, but 

the artificial leather is bright and dazzling. When the leather is wiped on the face, the surface 

will be noticeably bright, while the artificial leather will not change significantly.

Hand press: Press the soft part of the leather with your hand, there will be many small and even 

wrinkles around the thumb, and the thumb will bounce. Because the leather is elastic, the surface 

wrinkles will recover quickly, leaving only some small wrinkles. The artificial leather is either 

not wrinkled or even wrinkles is a relatively thick texture, and the texture is not easy to recover 

quickly because the surface film and the substrate are layered.