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How To Clean The Inner Bladder Of The Bag
Jul 12, 2018

Simple method, can use rubber, if it is a sudden appearance of relatively shallow dirt can be immediately treated! Best of all, Korea and Japan, most of all

Pass the student eraser, don't that kind of kid make all sorts of shape color, still take candy flavor ah, the point is not to drop the dregs kind. skin

If the bag gets wet by accident, you can use a dry towel to dry the water first, and then put some newspapers, magazines and other things in it to dry out

Exposure to the sun will cause the bag to fade and deform.

Still have if need to clean, had better choose neuter cleanser when cleaning, such as cleaner. Dip a little on the wet cloth and wipe

The cloth must be soft. After wiping, dip the invasive cloth into the water and wipe it clean. Remember, laundry detergent and soap should not be used. Also ten million

Don't use toothpaste. Toothpaste has abrasives that can damage leather surfaces. In addition, can go to professional leather goods to maintain orgnaization, or buy leather qing dynasty

Cleaning agent. The leather goods shop usually sells them.