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How To Clean A Bag
Jul 12, 2018

Use alcohol, cotton cloth, sponges, etc.

Cleaning method:

Wipe off the grease with a clean dry cloth.

Dip the cotton ball or swab into the rubbing alcohol and gently wipe the ink.

If it's a real leather bag, I suggest you use toothpaste or your usual facial cleanser.

Next, prepare two pieces of clean soft cloth.

Step 1: apply some toothpaste or facial cleanser onto a clean soft cloth and spread it over the area where the bag needs to be cleaned.

Wipe clean gently in the end with another piece of clean soft cloth on the surface treatment, can also be on a small amount of leather polish, such as

If not, you can use a little hand cream, but not too much.

The bag will be as shiny as new.