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How To Choose A Handbag For A Mother Of The Bride Outfit
Dec 02, 2018

The right handbag will give the perfect finishing touch to your outfit on your daughter's big day. Here's how to get a perfect match.


Not Too Flashy


Getting the colour right is the key to creating an elegant and subtle wedding outfit. When it comes to finding a matching handbag, avoid anything too bright – you don't want to upstage the bride! Unless you’re a whizz with colours, it’s probably safest to go fairly neutral with your choice of handbag colour. A white handbag will complement virtually any outfit and won’t detract from the colours of your dress or suit – for example, try teaming a white handbag with an outfit in soft pinks and rich purples for a subtle finish. Understated detailing such as sequin or jewelled trims can add that ‘occasion’ feel and lend your ensemble a special touch without looking too blingy.

Coordinate With Care


While you don't want your handbag and other essential accessories to be too bright, you should also make sure you're not matching the colour of the wedding dress – or clashing with the bridesmaids. However, working other elements of the bridal colour scheme into your outfit can create a striking effect. For example, if the flowers are pink, a pink handbag in a similar shade will pick up the theme and bring a coordinated note to those all-important photos. Keep an eye on contrast, too: If your outfit’s fairly neutral, it’s a good idea to add a subtle pop of colour with your handbag, or vice versa, to ensure the overall effect isn’t too bright or too neutral.

Don't Match Too Much


There’s a definite art to colour matching. It’s vital to have some contrast: If your outfit and accessories are too uniform, you could run the risk of everything blending together. Try pairing off accessories and matching them up separately. You could choose a clutch bag that matches your wedding hat, but go for something different when it comes to fine jewellery and shoes. Clever matching and contrasting can also be used to draw attention to a specific accessory or item – for example, you could match your dress to your hat and contrast with a handbag in a different shade. If you're stuck for ideas, try choosing several shades from the wedding colour scheme, and experiment with mixing and matching them in your ensemble.

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