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How To Choose A Female Handbag
Jul 12, 2018

For women, handbags are a must in life. Handbags are different in fashion every year and everyone is in a different environment

Handbags are different too. People often notice that the handbag in the hand of the star does change with the season and the clothes environment. from

From a geomantic standpoint, it's not just about being decent and generous, it's about your luck.

So women should also pay attention to some feng shui principles when buying handbags

The importance of handbag color

Every woman has her own color, so make sure your handbag matches, or at least matches, your color.

It can't be a relationship. If you're lucky with green, you'd better not use red (bleached green) and yellow (xiangke) in your handbag.

Any other color will do.

If the color of the clothes you wear matches the color of your own destiny, it is your handbag

His color, because the color of his clothes is the main color, the handbag is just an ornament.

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