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How Is It Better To Clean The Bag
Jul 12, 2018

The common leather surfaces are smooth and frosted. Today I'd like to introduce you the maintenance methods of these two bags:

Leather and sheepskin (real leather bag)

General stain: with soft cloth dip a small amount of genuine leather special maintenance paste wipe. Dermal cleaning products will be specially added effective ingredients, not only clean also

Maintain efficacy concurrently, can let bag bright as new, leather sofa is applicable likewise. You can buy a small packaging experience online.

If you don't have a dermal moisturizer, you can also use facial cleanser or toothpaste for topical cleaning.


1. Paint skin (bright skin with mirror effect) shall not be wiped with polish or shoe polish to avoid the surface pseudo coating falling off. can

Use a semi-wet cloth or paper towel and dip it in the essence.

2. Wipe and dry the real leather bag immediately after it is wet, so as to avoid cracking and damage;

3. When using leather cleaning and maintenance oil (paste), the light-colored oxen skin bag or sheep skin bag should be tested in a small range to avoid oil stains.