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How Do Men Choose A Handbag That Suits Them
Jul 12, 2018

For men, handbags are necessary for business trips. Nowadays, handbags have various styles.

Trapezoidal. Round, shaped, and so on, and the material, there are jewel-like animal skin, grass and hemp weaving. When people are shopping for handbags, there is nothing but consideration

In addition to styles and leather materials, consideration should be given to the combination with age and clothing. So what are men's tips for choosing handbags?

See figure:

If you are tall, don't use a small handbag.

(2) for people with a fat body, don't choose a round handbag. It's best to choose a small handbag with sharp edges and corners.

(3) for petite people, do not use oversized handbags to avoid looking clumsy. They should use small, round and soft edge handbags

To add charm to people.

See the clothes

(1) spring and autumn clothing: fashionable handbags with large color difference should be matched.

(2) summer wear: exquisite handbag with light color hemp, straw braid type and jewelry insert table; Suits are also usually paired with long leather handbags.

(3) winter wear: it should be equipped with deep imitation animal skins.