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Handbag Should Be Clearly Used
Jul 12, 2018

Besides matching the handbag with its own favorite color, there are also style problems. Wear different styles and colors for different occasions, almost every time

Every woman knows. But does your handbag distinguish between occasions? Some friends ignore this problem: going to work, going to dinner, negotiating,

Traveling, even shopping and going to the grocery store, is not a good thing. Usually a small handbag is used for formal occasions due to the symbol

The metallogenic relationship in coordination. For example, if you're going to a dinner party, just put in cash, credit CARDS, cell phones, keys, lipstick, make-up goggles

You can go to a dinner party with a light purse.

For formal handbags, such as cocktail parties and parties, keep evening wear and handbags in mind. This is not the time to be stingy, lian

The style of price may even make you lose confidence from head to toe. The handbag with high quality and workmanship is your wise choice and material

Choose satin, velvet, patent leather, beaded fabric, etc. If want to make more long-term investment, can choose black or a few metallic color


For casual handbags, if you're a regular at clubs and pubs, it's more practical to opt for a bargain handbag, at least

You don't have to worry about how much you'll lose if you lose it, but that's not to say the choice of an informal handbag isn't important. The most basic

Rule: this handbag should match at least three pieces of clothing. A special, eye-catching bag can make your whole body

They all lit up.