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Full-grain Cow Leather (top Layer Cowhide Leather)
Sep 01, 2018

Full-grain leather is directly processed raw cow leather. If the cortex of raw cow leather is relatively thick, we cut it crossways into two layers after depilation. The upper layers, which are tight with fibrous tissue, are typically processed into types of full-grain leathers.


Full-grain leather is absolutely genuine leather. Many customers erroneously believe that genuine leather is the most original state and that only leather peeled directly from the cow deserves the name “genuine leather.” In fact, there are various post processing procedures. For example, there is embossing - various beautiful figures can be embossed as designed and requested, polishing - after being polished, it becomes oil waxy genuine leather, and vegetable tanning . We can process genuine leather in different ways according to the requirements of our customers and markets. After a variety of processing procedures, genuine leather becomes more artistic and beautiful.