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What style of bags are popular this year
Jul 12, 2018

The size of a man's bag should be determined according to the content of the work he often does

Big is not small, big can pack dissatisfaction, small can not pack. And if the men's bags are too small to fit, they will appear too stingy. (butterfly

Newsletter popularity report)

See the craftsmanship of the bag: the craftsmanship of the bag mainly depends on the stitching quality of the shoulder belt and the body of the bag, between the fabric, the cover and the body of the bag

Necessary suture firmness, needle foot should not be too large, too loose.

See the structure design of the bag: whether the man bag is useful or not, the structure design of the bag is the key, because it determines the bag is practical, durable, comfortable and so on

Multifaceted performance.

The function of the package is not more better, the overall design should be concise, practical and avoid the fancy. A good men's bag should first have a good bearing design system.

If the back belt, the design of the belt is scientific, a comfortable bag should have wider, thicker and adjustable back belt, belt and back cushion

"Because men sometimes don't rule out putting heavy things in their bags.

Look at the fabric material of the bag: at present, the most popular fabric on the market is Oxford nylon cloth, polyester short-fiber canvas, cow leather, etc. From wear-resistant and anti-corrosion

Water, quality class and other aspects of the characteristics of consideration, the best choice is no doubt the ox skin men's bag, both noble and durable, but the price will also be

A little expensive;

If consider from the point of view of cost performance, the men's bag of canvas quality is also good choice, its design is more fashionable recreational, durable respect

There is also a guarantee that you can choose between leather and canvas, depending on your economic situation.