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What should I do with the dirty bag
Jul 12, 2018

The bag of genuine leather, also had better use soft dry cloth to wipe, or use special maintain agent, call bi lizhu.

Genuine leather bags, preferably not washed, can be dipped in water to wipe dirty areas, and then air dry.

These kinds are used to clean the leather bag, the general leather bag manufacturers are using such methods. If it doesn't help, you can try it

Try the following method.

1. In general, if there is a stain on the crocodile skin purse, we should use clean wet cotton cloth to gently wipe it with a mild detergent and then use it

Dry another piece of dry cotton cloth, put in a cool ventilation place, let the crocodile skin wallet dry naturally.

2. Crocodile leather wallet maintenance

Generally, it is recommended to take it to the purchasing office for professional maintenance. Oneself can choose leather to maintain fluid at home, for example bi lizhu. First in the blind

Carry out the applicable test, and then carry out a large area of uniform application. And can use leather glazing agent to increase gloss, twice a year can be.

Repair crocodile leather wallet

If the crocodile leather wallet has worn out the skin, it should be taken to the counter to repair immediately. If the damaged area is small or the hair line appears

The situation, can also be taken to the nearby leather bag repair or self-treatment, maintenance must be meticulous.