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The type of stain on the surface of the bag
Jul 12, 2018

1. There is oil on the bag. If your bag is dark, you can use detergent to clean it.

Then use a soft brush or toothbrush, dip it in the water and gently scrub it

The skin is scratched. Gently brush the oil, until you can't see it, and then rinse with water. If it's a white bag, use a thin one

After the release of bleach water to clean, must be diluted bleach water (1:10), otherwise there will be corrosion to the bag, the effect will be better

A ballpoint pen handwriting appears on the bag, gently applying a layer of 95 percent alcohol or egg white to the writing area for protection

Leave it on the surface of the bag for about five minutes, wipe it gently and clean it with water.

The same style of leather bags will often have different colors to meet different needs of consumers, when you have a dark color of leather bags, certain

It will be used for a long time, it will lose color. We can soak it in the thick salt water for a minute or so, and then clean it with clean water

To the.

4. Some bags do not undergo strict dry treatment during production, and the bags will be moldy after a long period of use. Put the bags at a temperature of 40 degrees

Soak in hot soapy water for about 10 minutes, then rinse with water. If it's white, leave it in the sun for 10 minutes.