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How to clean men's business bags
Jul 12, 2018

1. Generally speaking, the cleaning bag should first use a clean brush or cotton cloth suitable for various materials to remove dust and dirt.

2. If leather bags are cleaned with leather cleaner, the wiper cloth for glasses is a cheap and useful helper, which will not scratch your beloved

Bag, even daub can make bag restore burnish.

3. Double-purpose eraser for both grey and white pencils and atomic pens can be used as a cleaning tool for suede bags

The white eraser of the pen is gently wiped away; Serious dirt can be removed with a grey eraser on one end of an atomic pen because of friction

Strong, but with a lighter hand, so as not to damage the bag.

4. Clean the nylon bag and cloth bread, and gently press the surface of the bag with non-dripping wet cloth, except silk, silk and satin

Try brushing your toothbrush with toothpaste for topical cleaning.

No matter the bag of any kind of material, it should be kept in the ventilated place after cleaning, but don't take it to bask in the sun for quick, because it has been cleaned by water

After the bag, it is the most vulnerable time, sudden high temperature irradiation, will cause the bag to fade or leather hard, brittle.

6. Nowadays, all kinds of bag styles are often made of various composite materials, such as suede and leather, which should be handled separately when cleaning. In addition

If the bag has rivet decorations or metal clasps, care must also be taken to use a metal cleaner to keep the metal clean

Rust destroys the overall beauty of the bag.