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How does the bag clean and maintain
Jul 12, 2018

Cleaning method:

1. Oil washing

Can use cleaning essence to brush oil stains directly, if not black, red and other deep color fabrics can use washing powder light brush. If it's pure white, that's fine

Use dilute bleach water (1:10 dilution) and brush the oil stain directly with your teeth to remove it. Then use the collar cleaner with a mild solution of water and place the plush part

Wash it again; When drying, pay attention to the part of the plush facing up; In case of cloudy or rainy weather, you'd better use a dryer. When you wash the plush area again,

Use soap mild water solution, detergent mild water solution can also.

Ball writing

Beads of colored fabrics in handwriting can be treated with 95% alcohol. Before cleaning, apply some egg whites directly to the handwriting, do not touch the water, park 5 points

Routine treatment after the clock.

3. Fabric fading

Soak in heavy salt water for 1 minute. Replace saltwater with water and gently brush with soap and water.

4, mold

Soak in 40 degrees of warm soapy water for 10 minutes before regular treatment. For pure white fabric products can be soaked in soapy water after mildew

Leave to dry in the sun for 10 minutes before regular treatment.

5. Fabric dyeing

When the fabric appears serious dyed denim blue, you can first wipe the soap on the contaminated area when cleaning, and then use a soft brush to dip into the water and brush the fabric lines gently. Repeated many times,

Until the dye is diluted, note that there is plenty of foam in the contaminated area, which can improve the dyeing and can be completely removed for general dyeing

. Do not brush with strength, lest the appearance of the fabric wool phenomenon. Mix a little egg white with half a cup of hot water and brush the stain with a brush before cleaning

Until the stain is diluted, the conventional treatment is carried out.